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This program is unique in that it allows for not only injury tracking and reporting, but follows up with the athletic trainer and allows for better communication with the doctors. AIRR compiles an immense amount of data into a single reporting system. The research available from the data collected through the AIRR program will prove to be an integral part of understanding the relationship of athletic injuries to several variables; consisting of anything from gender and age range, to sport and position, and even medical history reporting over spans of four years.

This program is designed to improve the injury reporting systems used by Athletic Trainers. Each Athletic Trainer is provided a username and password to access the site. The Athletic Trainers then enter injuries and daily treatments. Once in the system this information can be filtered and compiled into numerous scenarios and report analysis. AIRR is designed to be user friendly and facilitate quick reporting and data entry.

AIRR also offers the ability to print or email many of our most commonly used forms. Forms such as school excuses and Pre-Participation Physical Evaluations, are easily available for distribution. New materials on concussions and parental consent can also be found within this list. Reports can be generated showing injuries and player status, providing information to coaches and notifying parents through a quick print or email. As always, providing the best possible care to our patients is the mission, and the AIRR program has been designed to aid in this effort of providing excellence.